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Orem resident tosses hat into ring for Congressional seat

On Nov. 4, Orem resident Jason Preston announced he would be seeking the Congressional seat held currently by Rep. John Curtis in Utah’s 3rd District.

In recent visits with residents, Preston laid out his concerns for the country, its people and the U.S. Constitution.

Preston calls himself a “constitutional conservative,” but hesitates when people think he is far to the right. He says he is running not because he is against a person, or a political party.

“My loyalty is to the Constitution,” Preston said. “I find it dangerous when we latch on to a person or a party. This is a movement not a political party.”

“If there is one state that should be leading the charge to protect our freedom, it’s Utah,” Preston said. “For too long we’ve been asleep at the wheel, while other conservative states are up in arms, we act as though, “all is well in Zion.”

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